Enterprise & Industrial Automation


Enterprise and Industrial Automation


Enterprise Automation:


A strong enterprise automation strategy can improve your organization’s approach to business process management and cut costs dramatically.


There are many agile line of business applications that can support efficiency, speed to outcome and risk mitigation.


Many organisations already have plans/ideas for incorporating new or enhanced enterprise automation.


At ASTAL we work with senior leadership through to application users to help everyone understand the big picture and/or detail as required, we can support or drive all or any part of an enterprise automation project.


Industrial Automation:


Historically, industrial automation has been the responsibility of electrical engineers, as such making advances in industrial automation without a deep knowledge/appreciation of Information Technology (IT) has been limited.


Since 2012 our Partners and Associates have successfully developed and deployed a code language called “Clockwork” that challenges the status quo of the industrial automation industry.


Clockwork was born from our business systems disciplines which are fundamental in the creation of fit-for-use and fit-for-purpose solutions in the work place as well as a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of traditional industrial automation languages like Ladder Logic.


Regular engagement of our Partners and Associates across Australia for Clockwork automation projects has led to the development of a number of software tools and services that are aligned to the open source model. These automation components are considered to be a building block technology, so no project is too small or too large to be taken on.


Clockwork as a technology language is an industry standard and aligned to best practice so the final outcomes are always scalable and reliable, which is essential in these environments.